Best bang for buck 1" threaded headset?

Commuter Rockhopper headset has developed notches.
Need a good affordable replacement, what do peeps recommend as the best bang for buck?
I seem to recall people using the Dia-Compe one successfully- Wiggle has them for about $15. Happy to pay a little extra if there is something better.

Thanks FOA

Hatta Swan NJS.

But seriously, Tange Levin are pretty good.

What is wrong with notches

Second hand dura ace

Plenty of sealed and unsealed options H. How much stack height have you on your current headset? Many spacers in there? What crown race size 26.4 or 27.0?

For sealed the Velo Orange headsets are nice and afforadble. Of course King if you wanna spend the coins. As Jolan said, Tange Levin are bloody good headsets, super smooth and look really nice as well.

got a black dia compe from velogear, does the job.

maybe a stronglight a9?

another vote for tange headset, replaced my retro roadie one not long ago and am very happy with it…

Thanks Gyp and all,

Upper stack is 30mm, lower is 10mm I think. Does that keep the options open? Unsure of race but it would be whatever was standard for MTB’s in 1993…

30mm is a buttload, just about anything will be shorter, shove in some spacers under top nut. Matching the 10mm down south will be where the party is at

I would guess 26.4 as it’s a specialized. Japanese of same era is where 27 is common. Better check with the vernier just in case

Another vote for Tange Levin, great value.

also ritchey logic, like $16 on crc