Best beer and/or pubs in Melburn

Since Melburn’s cafes and coffee got a fair going over a month or two back, how about the best beer and/or pubs? (After all, it is the ‘pub’ board.)

I’ll kick things off with The Royston in Richmond, just for their commitment to Victorian microbreweries…and where else in this city can you find a hand pump beer tap?

[Sorry for the Melburn-centric topic, however I wouldn’t mind hearing some Sydney contributions as I will be heading up that way in a few weeks…]

Mountain Goat baby.
50 metres from the Royston.
Ride your bike inside. They pay their staff a xmas bonus based on how many days they ride to work.
And the beer is awesome.


Sydney: get to the rocks, the Lord Nelson. A proper old pub and some proper beers. Their “3 sheets” ale is fucken amazing. Get there on a weekday, weekends get a bit touristy.
For pubs, just around the corner is the Hero Of Waterloo. Coming up to 200 years old, and a fine spot for a cold ale.

No pub can compete with a nice park and a few Melbourne Long-Necks.

any 711 sells farmers union iced coffee. thats all the alcohol i require.

the nott

the retreat

I work in Richmond, and have never heard of, or seen the Royston or the Mountain Goat pub. Have to check it out.

Personally, on the Richmond tip, I don’t think you can go past the Great Britain. Especially on a Friday at lunch. $10 for a pot and a small pizza from over the road at Fruscolino. Oh and free pool too. It’s ace.

the lamb’s go on greeves st (nr smith)… handpumped local brew (cant remember which), and a bajillion others. their beer list runs deep both locally and internationally, with more than a few surprises.

food looked ok when i was there a few weeks ago.

park beers (ginger or malted) are hard to beat… but those days are gone for now i suspect.

The Mountain Goat Brewery opens as a bar on Friday nights only I believe, plus they do tours on Wednesday nights, but not sure if the bar is open then or not. The best thing is they do seasonal beers which usually knock your socks off. I’m up for a beer there on Fiday night if anyone’s keen! :smiley:

We do a ride from the shop in Flemington every Friday night to the Goat.
All welcome.


Sweet…where’s the shop and what time do you roll out?

Before the wife and I moved to Bris we used to live within a short stumble of the Goat and Royston. Every Friday night would involve Goat until they kicked us out, Royston until they kicked us out, then the Terminus until we collapsed. Royston is great for a feed (even some half-decent Vegan and Vego options).

The Spread Eagle (Bridge Rd), Richmond Club (Swan St) and London Tavern (Lennox St) were all favs of mine as well back in the day.

Cyclic bikes on Pin Oak cres.
Just opposite the Newmarket station.6pm.

a coldie at the empress on nicolson. thats where i hung my hatg when i lived there.

Richmond club had a fire late last year hasn’t re opened yet.

The kingston hotel is not bad for a feed either.