Best bike shop in Sydney.

A lot of people are posting good things about bike shops in “the worst bike shop in Sydney”

Today I had an absolute legend help me out.
I went for a ride to manly this morning and didn’t take a valve extender so I could repair a puncture. I had the rest of the kit for my girlfriend but forgot to take everything for myself.
I got to the bottom spit road at the bridge, and got a flat. I called a bike shop who drove down from their place picked me up in their van and took me to their place, put a new tube in, gave me an extender showed me around his workshop and his bikes.
When I asked how much I needed to pay he said not to worry about it !!!
I gave him what I had $10!

His business is fitting bikes, not servicing or anything, just figured I was stuck and drove down to help me out, because he could.
LEGEND!! (plus i got a lift up the hill)

This is him,
Fusion Peak - Professional Cycle Fitting - Sydney, Australia professional cycle fitting.

Wow. That’s what I call above and beyond.

Fuck me. Are you sure you weren’t dreaming Bob? That’s pretty amazing.

I felt bad I only had ten bucks. He gave me an old tube he patched and the valve extender. I left my rooted tube.
But the effort to come get me was so good.
If I wanted/could afford a good bike Fit that’s where I’d be going.

That sounds awesome!

I have to give a shout out to Blackman cycles in Penrith! I think the mechanics name was Chris? Or Ben? I forget, anyway, after my dad crashed his new bike I had to run down there (closest shop that was open) to grab some spokes to replace the one or 2 he snapped in the process of crashing. They gave me a handful of spokes for like 3 bucks, so I was cheering right away.

Anyway, got home a d they were about 1mm too short, even though I gave them a spoke to measure off… Doh. Went back, took the wheel with me, said I need to swap these spokes as they are too short. Swapped em over then trued the wheel for me straight up while I browsed (it only took like 10 minutes, but he had a wall full of repair dockets and most shops like that are always like ‘sorry man, too busy’)! Was super stoked that they accommodated myself and my dad. Especially as I was heading back to Perth that arvo!

Not as cool as the first story, but it made me happy.

Great thread Bob. I’ve been considering a bike fit for a while, and have heard mixed opinions about Steve Hogg, so that might be the answer.

I’ve had some great bike experiences lately. I usually go to Bob at Stanmore Bikes, as he’s always good for a chat and I trust him with finicky tasks that need a bit of care, especially on old bikes. I’ve discovered that a lot of young mechanics just don’t understand things like threaded headsets.

I recently discovered The Bike Shed Mortdale through the bargain deals on their online store, and though one of their mechanics may have accidentally cracked my new carbon frame, they couldn’t have been better through the replacement process. Very good customer service.

The absolute best I’ve found though is Peter Bundy in Riverwood. I think he’s been extra generous for me since I’m in the Dulwich Hill club, but the amount he’s charged me for some things has been downright embarrassing. This week he’s replacing the flexy fork on my Bundy with chrome Columbus Max one…

The guy showed me his machine thing that hooks up to a laptop and all the fancy things it can do, looked expensive and thorough.

This new fork, she looks very nice! I met Alex down there today, and dropped of my Paconi for a little work. Thats all I’m saying atm, but the next you’ll see of it will be in the ‘post your rando/pub/commuter etc’ thread!

And yeah, Peter’s pretty generous with what he does for the dollar.

The only problem with Peter Bundy is that you have to leave some time. He has one million stories of ‘back in the day’ when he used to ride with pros that had someone like me listening intently for quite a long time. Anyone who’s ridden through the airport tunnel next to der kaiser is ok in my book!
He also did me a sweet deal on my northwaves, so yeh, highly recommended.

Rhys, don’t ever call in to Jim’s house, and have a yarn with him over several, and I mean several, cans of coke! I spent a day there, picking up Nat’s road bike!