Best/Cheapest international courier

I’m trying to help a friend bring a bike he bought in Italy back to Australia, I called up DHL and UPS today to get some quotes and they are both telling me that it will cost $3000+ to send it back here. If you look on ebay you can see that some people are managing to send bikes internationally for less than 100 euros.

Does anyone know who sends things so cheaply?

Both the couriering companies kept saying stuff about volumetric weight, but, Wiggle manage to send gigantic boxes of shit with free postage.

Help meeeeeee.

i suggest asking those people on ebay who they are using for shipping

Here’s what I’ve discovered lately.

  • A postal system of some kind is almost always cheaper than a courier company, as long as you can fit the size requirements.

  • Wiggle, and other large companies, have special arrangements with Australia Post allowing them to send parcels larger than the usual incoming size limits.

  • Australia Post has recently started enforcing the theoretical maximum size limits (140cm max girth) on express post boxes coming into the country. It seems a bit hit and miss though. Generally a frame wrapped in bubble wrap and pieces of cardboard will be ok, but a large rectangular box with a frame inside won’t be.

My frame came through from the states in January like this without any issues, must have been a miss…

Just a question about Auspost- anyone attempted to send a road frame recently via Auspost, and were they successful?.
I have read their size limits and a frame box ‘girth’ is pretty much on the limit, if not slightly over. Any tips on alternative international postage would be appreciated.

I send frames via Auspost, no problems.

Cut down the box so it just fits the frame

+1, ive sent a frame via auspost, basically bubble wrapped, fork in the triangle, and then cardboard cut to the shape of the frame.

was about $60 from memory, with insurance/tracking etc.

Fyxo is best practice:
FYXO - I hate surprises