Best courier to send wheelsets / bike bits with interstate?

I’m sure this has been asked before - I even used the search but couldn’t really find anything.

Any good (and preferably cheap) courier (non bike :P) companies that people have used with success for sending wheelsets / bike stuff ?

Pickup would be preferable too!

Thanks heaps in advance!

E-go is pretty good and cheap. You can save more money by dropping off to their depot.

Definitely covered many times before, but the search function doesn’t always work (I prefer google with a at the end)

E-go, transdirect are both used and recommended.

Thanks heaps :slight_smile:

im a fan of smartsend.

Ego is good but not always reliable on pick up date or drop off.
Smartsend is more reliable

Smartsend can be expensive. I’ve used e-go a few times no problems.

I managed to send a frame through the post too, but its harder to now.

+1 smartsend

Used e-go - was $34 to sent a wheelset from melbourne to brissy. Not complaining!

Fastway. Goldcoast pickup at 3:30pm, next day 9am arrival at sydney depot. Not a cheap service, but fast and top service.