Best Cranks To Buy

just looking for peoples thoughts on best cranks to run on a street fixie. Been riding everyday for the past 4 months and have decided its time to buy something a bit of alright. My decision has been made on the back of my chainring breaking on todays Roobaix. i figured it was probably worth getting good cranks to match a new chain ring. Thanks in advance

Shimano 600s like these:

if you can get someone to part with theirs.

just rock a new chainwheel man! your cranks are fine! was kind of funny :stuck_out_tongue:

depends on a lot of factors. what do you have at the moment? what bcd? is it an old bike or newish? conversion or track? what bottom bracket? how much to spend? blah blah blah.

i reckon it looks a bit weird seeing sleek modern cranks on an old frame, and vice versa. sugino super mightys are super awesome, but look a bit out of place on anything other than a lugged steel frame.

i’ve got sugino 75’s, they’re fine, no complaints other than 170mm being a bit prone to pedal scrape on a conversion. good leverage for climbing etc but not quite so spin friendly.

I have Sugino Super Mighty’s on one of my bikes. Old road doubles. Work perfectly with the Campy BB and pretty easy to get chainrings (144BCD). Kinda long at 171.5mm, but other than that… plus they were like $40 off evilbay.

+1 on the shimano 600s. ive got an old road set, 130 bcd, 165mm. no problems whatsoever.

I guess thats what the race is for :slight_smile:

Get Sugino 75’s.

haha yeah can we see the sheared metal pieces? :evil:

ok cool, so far… shimano 600 or sugino 75 ill keep my eye out…
currently running just my beater, conversion, with some old cranks i got off TC looking to buy a track frame sometime soon though. Currenly theyre 130 bcd.

i will post photos when i get home tonight, its not pretty. im gonna turn the chain ring into some kind of trophie i think, might send it to andy. I heard him talking to someone about his chainrings and i thought id go over and be like, man theyre not that good look what happened to mine (not that it is actually one of the fyxomatosis ones) but i chickened out.

anyway thanks guys

for all you sickos, here it is

Geeeeeze :-o :-o :-o

Thanks for the upload!

What brand… can we ask? It’s not a Fyxo/Cycle Underground is it?

na its not a fyxo although i did buy it of andy. Its a cheapy, 20 bucs with cranks. doesnt have any apparent brand. it was simply because two bolts came loose on the rough ride and couldnt support the raw power of my pistons. it was at the very last check point in northcote, i scootered my bike for the rest of the way and was lucky enough to get a push for a few hundred meters.

is it just me or does that deepv glow?