Best cycling city?

Vote stacking encouraged…

Which is the best Australian city for cycling in 2011 | Your Professional Cycle Coaching and Training Company and Online Bike Store

Yeah - Voting more than once just seems to keep upping the count for the city. No IP address filter = bad poll.

but if you vote for melbourne, the council/govt/whoever is gonna claim that as some kinda victory. and while i think melb is a good place for cycling, some fuckwits are doing all they can to get the scourge of cyclists off the road

Ctrl-F “Tamworth not found”

no write in option?

Sydney winning? Wat? Looks to me like Sugarkane has put 4000+ votes in.

  • 1 for Tamworth!!!

WOO yeah, lets all vote for Me\bourne, then the fuckers can have operation Nora the 2nd and make not having a bell punishable by death but hey it’s all legit cos Me\bourne is still the best cycling city in the milky way.

Fuck I can’t stand cycling in Melbourne.
Riding along lookin out for taxi’s and FUCKEN BOOM there’s a red light and you’re halfway through it, and there’s a cop glaring and you so youu fang it.
I’m voting for Glenelg in adelaide cos of all the roadie porn.

We’ve had 2 in the past 2 months. The cops must hate cyclists for sure.

Voted for Canberra.
Not that I’m hating on Sydney, but I’d bloody love some of those crazy wide bike lanes they have in the ACT.
Looks like a shitty website anyway, I’m sure they have a lot of sway with councils and peak cycling bodies.

Just got back from a trip to melbs and I couldn’t get over how badly the cops spoke to cyclists. Especially on Elizabeth St.

There was one corner that just had cops everywhere, this arsehole was talking to this dude like he was a freaking five year old.

Cool, thanks.

Sure. But riding on the footpath with backpedal brakes and a plastic wheel is for five year olds.

Slowbart has always been a great place to ride.