Best eBay listing of all time?

This is a classic, however if the seller cannot set his bike up correctly in a wind trainer then I’m hoping I never get to have to be in a bunch with him!
Cyclops Turbo Trainer | eBay

fan-bloody-tastic! what a listing!

still don’t think it beats the Rad^Sick BMX

and i can’t find the one for the Perth guy selling his wattle-infused outdoor bbq…anyone?

its good, but nothing beats the fully sick bmx

11 minutes in exchange for over an hour of setting the bastard up, followed by a near-death ICT/Bike crossover experience left me incandescent with impotent rage

lol… :smiley:

Q: Can you induce sellers with the sweaty turbo towel, jumpy laptop and a copy of Rocky 4 ?
A: sweat-encrusted and slightly damp Bath Ales beer towel thrown in for free. i’m keeping Rocky 4 for when i need motivating.


Unrelated, but Im thinking about snapping up this number from Gumtree for winter training…

Exercising Bike | Bicycles | Gumtree Australia Maribyrnong Area - Maribyrnong

Mate just sent me this ebay link, had me LoLin’ for a bit. Then I realised I’ve experienced the same thing…

Cyclops Turbo Trainer | eBay

This one is a cracker as well:

Cyclops Turbo Trainer | eBay

Clearly he hadn’t thought the trainer experience through.