Best interstate courier

Hey all!

Just sold my bike on eBay, got my box and have removed the front wheel and swung the bars around, fits pretty well. Weighs under 10kilos

Just rang up inxpress and got quoted 169.35…
Tell me your best couriers that are also quite cheap.

This is from Brisbane to Victoria park wa, need to send this asap

Thanks I’m advance :slight_smile:

Courier Quotes - Australian Courier and Integration Services worked well for me recently.

e-go, TNT, transdirect.

The smaller the box the better (both wheels out, saddle out, bars off, cranks off…

You’re sending it a long way, it’s going to cost more than a cheap BNE-SYD run.

Yeah I assumed it would be for Sydney or Melbourne. I put70 dollars for postage, if it ends up being more is it unethical to ask the buyer for more money?

try smartsend

Never assume.

If you quoted $70 for courier anywhere in Australia the buyer has no reason to pay more.

Pack it small, pack it well.
FYXO - I hate surprises

E-go is a good cheaper solution.

I used to use e-go but have now moved to Pack & Send. Good prices and better service. One way to lower the price a little is to drop off at your local depot.

Did you even click the link I posted?

It gets multiple quotes from multiple carriers all on one site.

And yes, you quoted $70 so that’s all they have to pay unless you had come to a previous agreement.

I think this thread is done. Plenty of information that’s just being repeated now. Good luck.