Best lacing pattern for c-rcord sheriffs.

Hi all im building a set of wheels at the moment im pulling my superbe pros out of my atlanta’s an putting in my sheriffs as im after all campy wheel option to finish my llewelyn.
My question is what is the strongest pattern for these week but killer hubs, they are 32h and dont care about weight just want them to survive?
Also any great wheel builders around in brisbane or the sunshine coast i was recomended sending them to velocity?


3x is nice and strong. I have had wheels built at Fortheriders at Annerley, I can’t remember the guys name, but my wheels are still straight and strong after 3 years. XT hubs, Mavic open Pro rims on a 29er.

not radial

def no radial the other thing is a nice spoke any ideas?

3X, and use anything DT Swiss. DT Swiss Champion (14G straight gauge) are really strong, but I pretty much exclusively use DT Swiss Competition spokes (14/15G double butted). They’re a bit narrower through the middle section of the spoke, are a little lighter, and a little stronger. They’re also not that much more expensive than Champions.

I’ve also heard good things about Sapim spokes, however I’ve never really used them so I can’t comment.

I think you mean they build into a more durable wheel (poke poke) :wink:

I’ve done a few with Sapim “Race” spokes, 14/15 DBs - they’re nice. The butting profile is more obvious than Comps and they make for a nice aesthetic IMO, especially in silver. Not sure what they cost locally, but they’re the same prices as DT comps on I’ve owned wheels built with them and they’ve been fine.

If it’s bling you’re after you could go with CX-Rays but they’re stupidy expensive…

i need those cx rays omg but $2.90 plus shipping mmmm might go the comps only $1.00 if i could build them myself i would get them but i don’t wont to risk it with these hub/wheel combo.

i used sapim race spokes on my phil x hplusson wheels, they holding up well and look great

got X-rays on my road wheels they are shit hot, Dt aero lights are pretty much the same spoke totally worth the $$$


get your self some shit ’ hard rubish find’ wheels and pull them apart go to sheldon and have a go at doing 3x yourself (on shit wheels) i did it 2/3 times b4 i did a pair i would ride on but a couple of hours sittin’ listing to some tunes and a beer and building wheels is so much fun and another skill to have to understand why good wheelbuilding costs money… there are some hot wheel patterns i have done 3leading/3 following, and 3 spoke crows foot, on shit wheels was told you couldnt ride them and that they where more for ‘display bikes’ but i have never had as much fun… if you know your lbs well ask if you can be there to watch/ask questions while the wheel is beeing built… would be worth the 6pack for thankyou.

Thanks guys their in getting built at the moment by cycle zone at mooloolaba ill post up when finished.