Best of 2011

With me only having a few working days of 2011, I thought I’d get the old best of going.

Best Album:
Close call between “For the term of his natural life” by Trem
“The dragon of an ordinary family” by Jehst

Best live show:
MF Doom at Gov Hindmarsh
Jedi Mind Tricks at HQ.

I couldn’t really pick a best movie, but the best thing I watched all year was the Blueprint DVD.

Oh and thanks to everyone that posts here, reading this is one of the small things that makes my shitty work days a tiny bit less shitty.

Best Albums:
‘Life Lessons & Drunken Sessions’ by The Ramshackle Army
‘Celestial Lineage’ by WITTR

Best Pop songs on Saturday morning video shows:
‘Man Down’ - Rhianna
‘All of the lights’ - Kanye

Best Live Shows:
Ramshackle Army & Homeward Bound at Ratfest (Selinas, Coogee)
Morbid Angel @ Manning Bar
Gaslight Anthem @ Metro

Best Movies (that I saw - I am not really up to date with films):
This Way Of Life
American: The Bill Hicks Story
The only film I saw at the cinema this year was Cars 2 - and it was OK.

Best TV (made this year - not dvd series I have watched):
The Hour - BBC series screened on ABC

Best Book:
You’ll be sorry when I’m dead - Marieke Hardy
Juliette, Naked - Nick Hornby (don’t know if this is a 2011 book)

Best internet forum I frequent:
FOA - thanks dudes…same as schoolism, makes work more interesting. (worst forum: BMU shudder)

so many rad albums but my fav album of 2011 goes to - wu lyf - go tell fire to the mountain
honorable mentions go to, jay-z and kanye - watch the throne and fucked up - david comes to life

best live show - warpaint

cant pick a movie i watch way to many and i can hardley remember all the movies i watched last month let alone the through out the whole year… inception was pretty bangin…
but best tv series of 2011 definitely goes to GLEE!!! closley followed by community and bones and 30 rock…

Best Albums:
Celestial Lineage by Wolves in the Throne Room.
I’m just gonna say the new Autopsy album. haven’t even heard it but i know it’s gonna rule.

Best pop/radio:
Anything by Rihanna

Best Live Show
Propagandhi at the Corner
Morbid Angel at Billboards.
Blind Guardian at the HiFi
Ladyhawke at Meredith

Best Movie:
The Hunter.

Best TV:
Bored to Death.

Best Book:
Actually really enjoyed ‘A Visit From the Goon Squad’

And best moment on FOA:
The appearance of Prolly, and the ensuing shenanigans. Haven’t loled that much in a while.

I also really liked the Wugazi album.

best movie: drive
best show: extortion with a bunch of other grind and thrash bands at the tote early in the year was ace. warpaint were also good, but that was possibly due to the fact that i thought they were going to suck farts, hard.
best ride: sorta boring, but the frankston run a few us did a month or two ago was pretty fun.
best album: shit, dunno.
best lol: the capoeira was pretty funny. i laughed until i stopped

best album
korn, path of totality (only recently aquired but have been flogging it)

movie, i also watch too many to remember.
the lincoln lawyer was good
moneyball was also good

best tv show
im really into Homland atm
angry boys was awsome
and love the ultimate fighter

dont do live shows really

books, meh


Best movie: Drive or Attack The Block (maybe?)
Best show: Archers Of Loaf at Crystal Ballroom, Portland and Harmony at The Metro.
Best ride: Turkey Turners Brewery Ride #1 we did on Tuesday. 100% good dude ride. Roobaix was good too.
Best album: Fugazi Live at Adelaide Uni Bar, November 1996.
Best TV show: Bob’s Burgers.
Best lol: Polly x collabo, with additional curation by alexb618. This was made even better by the fact my work Internet fucked up and wasn’t blocking the forum for those two days.

Gene’s Spring Track Omnium, can’t wait for another.
Prolly on Fixed, wait… John Kennedy and Prolly, Page 5 of Prolly’s Icarus, Best quote,

So good I’m making it my Sig. right after I make this post.
That’s about it from me for now.

And, as a side note, I would like to elect Alexb618 as forum user of the year. That man is a very funny individual and i hear he rides fixie bikes.

Album: The Antlers “burst apart”
Movie: Blue Valentine (was this year?)
Show: Tallest man on earth @ the corner
Cyclist: Matt Goss
Ride: I got to ride with Michael Matthews and have a good chat. A highlight for me.
OH and best photoshop was the prolly sydney/fixie jesus one…

Song: This song by How to Dress Well really stuck in my head. It’s from 2010 though. Too bad.
Album: No idea.
Show: Grinderman @ the Factory, Slug Guts + Primitive Calculators @ the Tote, Frank Fairfield @ the Basement
Movie: Also no idea. The Miranda July one was interesting I guess.
DVD: Breaking Bad
Rides: Fitz’s Challenge; Berowra / Galston etc via Kellyville; the Kinglake loop with Melb guys.

best cat of 2011: the rza.