Best of - Messenger Bags???

hey y’all,

I’m currently looking for a new messenger bag, hoping to upgrade from my Barney Russel Crumpler to something a wee bit bigger.

Just wondering if anyone has any suggestion on quality bags that aren’t hugely overpriced.

paging brendan/JAMS. Thoughts, comments, suggestions?

No such thing. also, do a search. topic has been covered extensively

got a BO Gear DUB bag yesterday, the middle size one.

Hasn’t had much use yet obviously but it appears to be built solid as hell and the all the various pockets/dividers/straps/clips/d-lock sleeve are really well though out. the price compares favourably to crumpler etc. i’m very happy with it.

smart ass.

OP: welcome to the forums. please use the search function.