best place for flip flop hub

i’m building up a bike for the better half. i need a flip flop hub for her (the rest of it is coming from second hand bits and bobs).

where’s the best place to track one down? (pardon the pun)

am i best to get it online from the states, or head to shifterbikes, or a “normal” bike shop?

are there any track specific shops around the place?

Don’t buy from the states unless you really have to, it’s better to keep our money here in Aus. You could try Dan, ebay au if you’re willing to wait, or if you’re in Melb then head down to Abbortsford Cycles and ask them.

Happy building :smiley:

Shifterbikes, I got one off Dan last week.

muchas gracias.

off to abbotsford on monday then me thinks. and an email to dan today.

Could you tell me what type of hub you got from Dan last week? I asked him to build me some wheels three-four weeks ago, but he said that he couldn’t get hubs at all, so I have no wheels… and he hasn’t got back to me… I’d be very interested to know if I should remind him perhaps?

Dan built me up a cheapy, flip/flop wheel… just give him a call.

abbottsford cycles have a small selection of hubs - formula/velocity hubs - $75 for a rear. some suzue hubs $80 for a rear. and a couple of others. (32 holes)

they had two rears 36 hole for $30. but they’re kinda gone now :smiley: now to find some rims…

nice store and great service. very impressed. they’ll get a lot of my business in future.

kooki (see link on front page) has basic Suzues for 93.50 a pair.

By cheapie, what kind of price are we talking? I’m going to need some wheels built soon.


rims found - the originals on the bike were 36. perfect.

just need to find a set of lockring pliers and it’ll be ready for painting.

anyone? anyone?


Is this the same hubs you have been asking for a quote on - every 2 months , for the last year???

I seem to remember it goes a little more like this…

You HAVE to have fixed/fixed rear - in silver. The reason that I “can’t get anything” is because nobody makes a fixed/fixed rear that is cheap enough for you to want to buy.
I can get you Soma Fab or Phil Wood, and I’ve told you that countless times, but you don’t want to spend the money.
If you want fixed/free you can have a much bigger choice - budget $30, Suzue basic $100 pair, Velocity $150… not to mention the number of hubs available if you want black…

But no - you want silver fixed/fixed, and you want a full wheelset for $350.

Open your ears and LISTEN next time I tell you something, rather than get on this forum and post rubbish about me not helping you out.


That’s all news to me Dan.

But good to know, thanks.