Best raincoats for riding/commuting?

My new baby came the other week and needless to say i’ve HAVE to ride everyday. But after that great week we’ve just had here in melbs the rain is back and i’m looking to get some rain gear so i don’t show up at work/uni looking like a drowned rat.
Whats the best option? I used to have a cheap Netti road shell i wore when i rode Downhill lots but it always seemed to end up as wet on the inside as the outside even after only one run. i’ve tried wearing my hiking coat but it gets stuck on the saddle and is a bit overkill. Any suggies would be appreciated. Cost not really too much of an issue if its quality and will last a few winters.

cheers tenny.

use the search function.

this has been covered heaps of times,not to mention most recently over the last week or so

oh really?!?! i did search! fuck it then.

Thanks for being helpful! i was searching ‘raincoats’ but needed ‘windbreaker’. Growing up in tassie you need more than a windbreaker… never used the term! :wink: