Best road hubs for training wheels NON FIXED CONTENT

So I’m thinking about building up some training road wheels. They need to be:

-Durable, bomb-proof
-Sealed bearing
-Shimano Compatible (bye bye Campag record hubs…)
-32 hole rims

So what is the best hub to run with something like an Open Pro rim? I’m not very keen on Shimano hubs because they’re not sealed, and I’d be riding in mud and rain etc. I hear Shimano hubs are great when new, but unless you fastidiously maintain them, they won’t last.
Hope and DT Swiss hubs seem pretty nice.

Any ideas thanks guys,

Cheers, Horatio

White Industries.

i dunno bout what you said in regards to shimano hubs…

but i have a set of 105 hubs built to cxp33(red ano :sunglasses: ) they were built in 2000( i think) and then spent the next 4 years as my training wheels doing about a 700-1000k a week. Yet still today they roll almost as smoothly as new.

And do they use those industrial bearings that you can easily overhaul?

I haven’t used a WI rear road hub but the SS and fronts I have are all simple to work with. So I’d expect the road hubs to be similar.

The bearings last forever so you don’t need to replace them :smiley:

Yeah, they do use cartridge bearings, but it may be a non-standard size. Easy to get though.

4 years as my training wheels doing about a 700-1000k a week

What? Are you a pro? Even I don’t ride that much.

It’s only 5km/h, every hour, for the week :? :wink:

well at that age not technically “pro”, but i was at the top level in australia for a number of years in road, mtb and track :wink:

plus i loved spending my weekends getting up early and doing 150k + rides :slight_smile:

Worked :slight_smile:

That’s a big call NM cause I ain’t ever heard of you.

HA, am i supposed to care if you have heard of me??

its ok, iv got all my national champ medals/jerseys that have heard of me :slight_smile:

Nah, just interested.

National champ of what? What year?

what were you saying?

You’re sounding a little defensive here. I was just asking what you were national champ at and what year so I could give you props. I wasn’t asking for jpg’s bro, just interested that’s all.

formula road hubs perhaps?

sounded alot like you were trying to call me out tho :stuck_out_tongue:


00 Criterium 3rd
01 national xc champ
01 flying 200mm TT champ
01 sprint champ
01 500m TT champ (aus record held untill my old mate scott sunderland broke it :D)
01 pairs time trial 3rd(i was supprised as im far from a long distance time trialer)

01 was a good year, lol, for the next few years my interest slowly dropped, then i was over it :smiley:

Mate, if you’re making calls that you’ve got national titles I’m sure you can back that up. I was and still am interested to know what they’re for.

You said previously that you were top level nearly pro in road, mtb and track for a number of years. That’s a lot to specialise at an elite level…

i wouldnt say pro, simply cos as a junior well u cant be pro/on a team ( well then you couldnt), but i could more than hold my own racing in open events. alot of people dont realise how competitive junior racing is( at a national level anyway)

The Call Out

The Jpeg

Now lets all go and have a big hot cup of calm the F3ck down :smiley: