Best value 10sp chain & cassette

I need some new ones. I’ve got a SRAM WiFli RD and SRAM Rival FD.

I am looking at CRC at the moment. I want 11-32 in 10 speed, I will probably get a Tiagra 4601 cassette for $37, but then what chain? So many. They got 6600 for $27, 6701 for $31, XT HG95 SIL-TEC for $27, Funny that the Tiagra 4601 10sp at $34 is more expensive then the Ultegra. And what are these Wipperman chains like? I read a good review of the Wipperman Connex and they have that for $64.

I currently have SRAM PG1030 cassette and chain and they’ve been ok I suppose. But CRC don’t sell SRAM so its hard to compare. I want to get everything in one stop so only one shipping charge.

6701 has always done good for me. Keep it clean and you’ll get 5000km out of it easy. And for an extra 6 bucks you could get a 5700 cassette.

I’ve had the Connex and it’s good. I’ve had the SRAM ones like you and they’ve been good too.
I like kmc, currently running one on the CX and it’s great.

I run KMC chains, X10 or X11 ones

They seem to work, and have a quick link

If you’re talking value for money, why would you pay double for a wipperman? I can’t see how they’d shift twice as good as Ultegra or last twice as long.

That’s a serious question btw, interested in opinions.

shimano 6701 cassette, KMC X10.93 chain.

you’re all liars. 6600 is the best chain ever(except for 7801). buy it. it’s smoother and quieter than a 6701.

i might go order 10 for the rest of my single speed riding life.