Better Than Fixed?


Love it.

Pic of the whole bike please.

Saw this one yesterday at Dan’s. Spent about 15 mins trying to pick my jaw up off the floor. Looks even better in the… steel?

It’s off the hook! Put it together yourself?

she’s beautiful, i also saw her at dans over the weekend and the photos really dont do the bike justice its simply beautiful!

Cant wait to see it on a saturday ride



Hey Nick, can we see the whole bike now please?! :roll:

Have you taken it out on a ride yet, how is it?


Aside from a couple of laps around the block previously I took it out for the first ride yesterday. Who would’ve thought you’d have to wait so long for a rain free day in Melbourne?

It’s fantastic. I must’ve been subconciously expecting it to feel heavy and ‘old’. But it turns out that it rides beautifully quiet and smooth and handles just like TSX should. I sort of wish it wasn’t gold so I could thrash it without feeling guilty.

Photos will appear probably when Andy takes some, because I’m shit at taking photos. Besides, it doesn’t look half as good in pics as it does in real sunlight.

In fact, you would’ve seen it already if you ever turned up for a ride :wink:

The weather next Saturday is looking good.

Good stuff.
Well I’ll have to come next week and see it then!
Question- what is TSX tubing? I’m assuming it sits near the top of the Columbus hierarchy?

Tube set for professional use, coupling maximum performance with reduced weight. It is particularly suitable for stage races of more than 150 Km over mixed terrain.In addition to butted walls, this set has five helicoidal internal reinforcements, thus giving greater rigidity against tube flexing and torsion.
Cyclex Steel - Weight: 1945 g

Here’s a handy chart.

Great Bike all the right parts i took a peek when i dropped my frame off to dan a few weeks ago, Green with envy.

saw that at dan’s a few months ago. if i’d known it was yours i would’ve been cursing you the second i saw it. nice.

ok Horatio, you can see the whole thing here.

So beautiful!

yawn… I had to wait so long that pic… :sunglasses: kidding.

Wow. Love it. And I love the retro Shimano 600 groupset.
Gold Aerospoke perhaps?

HOT. :-o