Beyond metric

For the FOA isobakers, you know who you are and so do we thanks to Instagram


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Fifth of may be with you

Revenge of the fifth?

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Or 1 IBM System 360

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1.8 swimming pools worth of beer tipped down the drain. Or 7.8 million pints

I thought it was units of lamingtons consumed after 100 repeats of Yarra St.

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Ha, that guy was mental

I once did 5 repeats of Yarra St. No lamingtons were consumed. Clearly that’s where I went wrong.

ABC News confirms correct Australian volume measurements:

Are the Menindee Lakes going to fill?

The short answer is no.

The current inflows are expected to be around 600 gigalitres, well short of the 1,731-gigalitre capacity of the lakes.

(For those using the official Australian measurement, one Sydney Harbour is approximately 500 gigalitres.)

Thats a lot of gigalitres.


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Cambodia is filling in some wetlands:

A conservative estimate of the amount of sand needed to fill in the wetlands is some 77 million cubic metres — more than 30 Great Giza Pyramids full of sand.

How do they move the pyramids?
I’ve always thought rolling on logs most likely.
But Cambodia is a long way from Egypt

Then they need to be inverted and filled up all while balancing on that little point. Not very practical.

And slaves aren’t as easy to come by these days.


Even thermometers, or whatever they are


4 million Olympic swimming pools a day.

the news just gets better and better.