Beyond metric

Weight weenies will be rushing out to buy their new die kleine h scales.

Wait so how many squash courts to a kilogram now??

We eat a ‘credit card’ size worth of plastic each week

A credit card sure sounds a lot worse than a library card or a Medicare card

So when my card expires I can just shit a new one out?

How much of this credit card is ingested through the nose?

Koonung Creek Reserve in North Balwyn will lose 83 per cent of its parkland during construction and 19 per cent (about six to seven hectares) permanently.

“That is equivalent to roughly two MCGs,” said Boroondara mayor Jane Addis. “This land simply cannot be replaced in the City of Boroondara.”

I would have thought there’d be room for two footy fields in Boroondara

After seven years and nearly enough unwanted myki receipts to circumnavigate the planet, the days of receiving gratuitous public transport dockets may finally be over.
If two receipts were printed for every one of PTV’s 28,800,000 transactions each year since myki’s inception, the 19 centimetres of docket would stretch 38,304 kilometres, or nearly enough to loop Earth (about 40,000 kilometres).

An earlier version of this story said a line made of the unwanted receipts would reach to the moon. That figure calculated the number of receipts based on public transport trips, not transactions.

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“Stinking ‘seaweed island’ the size of Jamaica heads for Mexico”

Jamaica isn’t really that big is it?

fairly large if its made of seaweed I reckon.

Barbados probably would have been a better comparison

washing machines.


Clearly conveyed their point concisely going by the comments.

1 tram = 6 elephants

People obviously can relate more to being hit by 6 elephants than a tram, outside of Melbourne anyway

We have Rhinos…

How many :rhinoceros: to the :elephant: ?

Asian or African? Male or female? What season?

…and they skate. :skateboard: :metal: