BFF 2010 trick comp?

i think st cloud should organise a trick comp at a proper venue like a skate park for the BFF this year?

Not sure that BFF is happening in melbourne this year…
and events are organised by invite (from the organisers) traditionally… there is a little bit of BFF rules&regs that accompany the event if you want to be listed in the schedule/get access to their prizes.
but i do think its a good idea.

Yeah what I meant was like a legitimate freestyle comp with a real venue, hosted around the same time as the BFF so there are people from all over Australia in town to compete, it doesn’t have to be directly in accordance with the BFF, it could just be a side event, And as far as prizes go, that’s why I suggested st cloud or other shops supporting the trick scene to sponsor the event. I just thought it would be a good idea instead of having trick comps with people doing wheelies in car parks after an alley cat… and it will give a chance to push the freestyle scene in Australia because its seriously lacking… Any thoughts?

There are more than a few of us who would def be into a comp/jam type thing. But for the moment I think that using a skatepark wouldn’t be favoured by skaters especially. Only cos there are not enough of us who are good enough yet to utilise a skatepark to its extent. Also trying to get the park for a day just for FGFS event would be painful. “…err…you wanna do what in the park with … fixies? Buy a BMX you fag!”

Maybe we could find a big ball court or car park and build some wedges/ramps/planters/funbox etc.?

The BFF is NOT happening this year.

so will the BFF only be in sydney this year? we should do it there! well even those melton drains look pretty fun, could always host it somewhere like that…

No one is going to head out to Melton to watch a trick comp.

im not from melbourne… im guessing it is far away.

There are some good ideas, but it’s like what the guys are trying to do with the Cyclocross events theirs just to many logistic type factors and liabilities and so on, I heard that a council wanted something like $100,000 just to let out their park for the day. But i’m sure an event of this type will occur sooner or later who knows.