BH - Suntour - Peisey Vallandry

Am I dreaming or are suntour forks ripping it up on the world cups at the moment? Are the forks this team is riding the same as the $220 jobs on ebay? Just tuned? Or there is a model that we can’t get here… I cant get a good enough look at them in pics to see the model name.

Pretty rad that Suntour is still hanging around at the top level.

After nobody commented on my newsflash on 29ers winning a world cup round, I’m not holding my breath that any cares about this. But suprise me, why dont ya?!

This looks like their top of the line unit. Electronic lock out with carbon/mag lowers and 1500g weight. Pretty impressive. I’d ride it, I spose.

Hi JP!!

That’s freakin’ heavy for a Word Cup fork - the 2012 SIDs are 1310gms, the DT Swiss hit about 1150gms.

Yer I always assumed that SR Suntours were evil, had a set on an old mountain bike and they were horrid. Maybe they have stepped up their game.

I ride the Epicon Q-loc’s on my 29er ss and they do m e fine.
Big bang for your buck.
The low end stuff is rubbish.


They make Marzocchi forks now as well. Suspension forks aren’t really that complicated, a company like Suntour which doesn’t have to stick to bad designs to justify millions of dollars in marketing might have an advantage…

  • Joel

I guess it is a fair bit heavy compared to those, but maybe a lot cheaper? are those weight for through-axle forks like the suntour? I remember seeing a clip on yourtube with a cam mounted on the lowers of one of their forks. It looked smooth.