Bianchi D2.

record crankset.
b43’s… :rolleyes:
trickstar stem.
san marco seat.

was my first and current build.

didn’t know much about anything when i first purchased everything a year or two ago.

what size is that frame ???


cool looks nice!! for some reason it looks really small in that pic. haha could be just me being drunk haha


Love the build except this. Get some normal low profile rims and it’ll improve the looks and weight significantly!

yeah, got some duraace/mavics’s, building a more “classic” build atm.

To be honest, I think the B43’s suit the aero fork and the fat tubing.
Black and celeste look cool.

+1, need carbon discsss!!

Bike is sick, love allu frames with b43’s.
Not to ride, but to look at, hell yeah!
Deep CARBON rims could be better, throw that ‘classic’ business out the window, it’s a fixie with rizorz, nothing classic bout this bianchi broo

Depends if you like to look at a bike, or actually ride it… :slight_smile:

Same here, been there less weight more fun.

I’m also selling this if anyone is keen… $1800.

This is the best set up I have seen on this frame, I would love to see a black crank-set, but then it may be “too” color co-ordinated, such a great bike for your first! Extremely jealous!

I’ll give you 10%