Bianchi Pantani replica

newish Bianchi Pantani replica, well, sort of.

what rims are those?

it used to be my dream bike. I like the vintage way it looks

I used to love that saddle. Pretty sure there was a ‘Lion’ one (Mario Cipollini) too but I never see it around these days, even on ebay.

That saddle rules.
Second only that ₪₪₪₪ador ‘fingerbangin’ saddle.

I have one, adorning my book case. Used to be on my CAD3 Saeco Cannondale, team replica. CIPO !

any chance of a pic of the cipo one??

Man, bullhorns are fugly. Nice rest of bike though

wheels are maddux track, had to take the track bars off because the extra low drop was doing my 50 year old back no favours at all.

Prety sure there is one in bicycle sexpress.

I love the bike. Has a bit of thought going into it. Hope you rock a bandana on it.

Here you are, not using it any more, non slip threads are wearing a bit, saw 5 years of training and racing, and no crashes!