Bianchi Pista 07???


A mate wants to purchase a Bianchi Pista.
I don’t know much about them.

Whose got one, what are your thoughts?
Cheers in advance.


they look hot.
the components that come on them don’t look too amazing so i’d be a little skeptical about how long the wheels in particular would last on the street. t
his is all speculation.
they look unbelievably hot. that is a fact.

Not wanting to play devil’s advocate but, from comments I’ve seen around… they are overpriced for what they are and there are better buys out there for the same amountof $. ($1200 or so? at one nearby LBS ) I guess it also depends on if he wants to run it on the street or the track, which would influence choice too. You don’t see many of them at DISC though (well I haven’t anyways).

Personally, I like the look of them, but I wouldn’t buy one. And no disrespect meant to anyone who has one either. To each their own. :slight_smile:

I agree that they’re pretty overpriced for $1200
I considered the $500 for the frameset advertised on here last week but decided to give it a miss.
That said I don’t think I’d bother buying a whole track bike new for riding on the street. I don’t think you get value for money. I quite like the longer wheelbase and relaxed geometry of my fixie which is a road frame with horizontal dropouts.

Bear in mind that this is my opinion only …

The chrome Bianchi Pista is about on par quality wise to a Fuji Track bike which you can get for $600 to $700 here. If you check out the US prices for these two bikes, you’ll find that they are quite comparable. For some reason, there’s a big inflation in price on the Pista in Oz. Is having a chrome frame worth the extra $500 to $600?

There’s nothing really special about the Pista frame. It’s just basic chromoly that has been chromed. I’ve seen the bike in person and I didn’t find the chrome job special. If you can spare the $$$ and you really like the chrome frame, then buy it. But for the price, there are many better options compared to the Bianchi.


If this is a bike for someone who is going to use it on the road as a commuter than i would highly recommend the new Redline 925 or the Kona Paddywagon.

Both bikes are perfect for commuting on as they dont have toe overlap, have slacker angles than a track frame making them very easy and generous to ride on the road.

surly steamroller!!!

For $1200 you can build a bloody nice 2nd hand street going fix or track as well, all depends on whether you want to ride a bike because someone read something in fashion magazine that said the Pista is the latest accessory, or if you are someone that will do the research and find out that they arnt all that flash. :wink:

no offence

for the price you get a very similar spec as the fugi, but you pay twice as much.
for a track bike you’d be better off looking for the hilbricks at the same price.
for street you’d be better off with a steam roller for the same price.
the bianchi is pretty, but very overpriced.


$1200 for WHAT?

You can get a road bike with gears and brakes for that.

fuck bianchi.

All those gears! Now thats value for money!
Haha! Thats funny… :smiley:

the frame is of reasonable quality, if not really outstanding in any way.
if your friend has to have a pista, maybe look for a frame only somewhere.
problem there is that people are asking retardedly high prices for them.
there was one on here a week ago for $500 FIRM!
$500 will get you really nice track frame of much higher quality.
honestly, first find out why they are fixated on a pista, then try and talk them round to a different option like either the fuji for half the price with the same level of componentry, or the surly with much better components for the same price, or the hillbrick for a good starter track racing bike.

Apparently, Coz its chromed.

I agree, and have told them this.

Kona Paddy Wagon…$700 bux…sweet. Bianchi are for poofs and hairdressers

[quote="lats "]

Apparently, Coz its chromed.[/quote]

That’s nothing to be ashamed of :wink:

Heyyy! :cry:

Hate on the Pista, but not on all Bianchis!!

You spit on the grave of the great Fausto Coppi. He might have been a hairdresser but pretty sure he wasnt a poof.

not that there’s anything wrong with that. :oops:

sorry, didnt mean to insult poofs.

I have a couple at home. They are great to chuck the feet up on at the end of a hard day.

I love my Pista. I’m not gay or a hairdresser (I thought they were the same thing though (sorry Dave)).

I bought mine for $600 brand new and I wouldn’t of paid much more for it. You just need to ditch everything on it and start again though, especially the cranks.

Each to their own.