Bianchi Pista

I bought the frame last year and and built it up a couple of weeks ago.The only information the seller could tell me about the frame is that its late 70’s early 80’s.A pity he couldnt be more specific about the age, even more of a pity he didnt know how to put seat tube decals on the right way.

Velocity Aerohead rims/Record hubs
Record Pista 165 cranks
Bullhorns-Cinelli ? cant really remember, bought them years ago.

more detailed pics please!

im a fan of bullhorns, nice =D

love this, nice and tight, very clean, but would love to see a more aggressive stem on it!

Here you go Jason.

Yeah I know what you mean but I had the panto stem, its a little bit scratched up but I still wanted to use it.

what, so it doesn’t fit?

very nice mate, lovely details. And only colour to have for a B =D

Here it is in Street Mode, I have fitted a front brake and No, I did not drill the fork.Sorry about the B43 though, I didnt realise they were such heavy pieces of crap but I like the deep rims and this was all I could get.
Not too sure about the colour combo with the tyres, I had the same on my Bianchi road frame and I thought it looked really good.Maybe because that one had black decals on the frame.

got a close up of the brake set up?? looks real tidy underneath from back here!! well stealth!

Not a lot of room, but it fits.

How does it attach?

Very cool! props for the idea! you said the fork is not drilled? is it fixed there with adhesive of sorts?

it was already drilled im assuming

Nope. I still don’t get it??

If so its not drilled all the way through. I’m intrigued!

yeah could be drilled in the back… but the caliper has a backing plate on it?

Hey this is fun, keep guessing, and I have not drilled it from the back either:)

im guessing glue before i just google cos it wont rip off from braking force as it would if mounted on the front. surely not a magnet…

It has been done here as well but the fork in the picture looks to be drilled? I’m stumped

its a butt plug!!! It has a mount like a quill stem that goes ^up^ the fork steerer!

I WIN?? maybe?

^ Ladies and gentlemen we have a winner!!