Bianchi road bike Carbon, Cheap?.. $400

saw this on ebay, and i cant afford to buy another bike. its in NSW but the seller said it would be $70 post to Melbourne.

and in the title of the Ebay listing they wrote Biancni, makes me think it wouldnt come up in seaches then and may explain why no bids with a starting bid of $400. with what looks like a San Marco Rolls saddle and a neat package.

Biancni road bike - eBay Road Bikes, Bikes, Cycling, Sport. (end time 11-May-10 20:03:27 AEST)

nice find, someone will probably get this now :smiley:
Normally people bid within last hour.
(i thought i had some cinelli bars and stem lined up today then got like 4 bidders last 1hour :frowning: )

its nothing special, i wouldnt be surprised if it ended with no bids…

You gonna bid on it?

im not bidding on it at all.
owner said they bought it for 3000

im haveing too many issues with what to do with the bikes i already own which is causing too much stress. so this one can go to a good home. with someone else :slight_smile:

Owner spent $3K and thinks it’s a Biancni?

Pull the other one.

Got a lovely De R<3sa for sale if you like, comes with Campagnola Super Record

dude, you are pulling my ‘other’ one.

and it feels nice