Bianchi Super GX MTB

I am looking for a MTB because I have been spending a bit of time out on MTB tracks and I just want to mix it up.

In my search today I came across this beauty - it has hydraulic rim brakes (WTF?), some crazy rear end and POTATOS!!!

Bianchi Super GX dual suspension Mountain Bike - Scarborough - QLD - $ 1,100.00

Get it!!! So much goodness right there.

Those Magura rim brakes are bloody awesome but they use a different mount to v’s so no ability to switch em over.

fuck that thing is hideous, I want it so bad!


I’d search for a cannondale lefty instead

I have ridden one in celeste, a team issue dh one.
Years ago it was so ahead of its time and so plush.
If your riding trails don’t get this its an old dh pig.

Dh killah, 3rd best use for aerospokes.
Those hydro rim brakes can CRUSH RIMS if set up incorrectly.

Fuck this off, look at some cheap avanti’s, they make some bikes which are very basic allu hardtails, 26 or 29, well under $1000.

Thanks for advice mr Dylan. I have been thinking avanti but the shop down the road has some OK deals on Cannondales (26 & 29 under 1K also) so I might go have a chat with them.

Good idea, people love cannondales for a reason.

i had a f7 i think. it was about $700 i loved it.
Avanti are good so are the giants if you want a dualie.

One of Australia’s best MTB riders Dylan Cooper used to have one of these for racing DH. His was gold though and was stolen from his shed.

As for Cannondales, I used to own a jeckyl, I would have to say it was the worst mountain bike I have ever owned.