Bicentennial trail

Has anyone here ridden it? in Particular from Healsville -> Marysville As it passess within cooee of my 4x4 clubs property = warm showers and a good fire.

Looking at the rough map on the BNT website it looks ~100km on the trail so I’m guessing a solid days ride with gear. Any inside info on people that have ridden this section recently would be awesome!

Damo from cog cafe rode it with trent lowe couple of years ago. > Trip Reports > BNT, Australia

Ta, found that earlier in the week.

Running Australians Bicentennial National Trail!


be careful. it may take 200 years.

The Big Nasty Track: Day 1: Donnelys Weir to Anderson Mill Camping Ground via Acheron Valley

more BNT hardship - long read.

Making me excited even though the chance of me doing Omeo-Healsville anytime in the next 5years is low.

I am keen for a bikepacking weekend, when?

Another couple of months of yet. You will leave me behind before we have even left the carpark, my pace is probably an issue as well.