Bicycle Black Market

Bike Swap Meets are old hat. NIB and Commuter Cycles present the Bicycle Black Market. Get your non-UCI approved, 2nd hand cycling wares under the cover of darkness; get ready for round 2 of Dirty Deeds cyclocross series. Stay to get revved about cyclocross at the free CX screening after the trading.

When: Friday, 23rd July.
5pm - 8pm parts market.
9pm - Late CX Flicks

Where: Commuter Cycles
14 Prentice St, Brunswick

How much: Free Entry, Stalls & Flicks

N.I.B. - currently trading in darkness


Will there be frites?

most excellent, 2 minutes walk from home… or 30 second ride

about the same for me, its good something is close to home…

Cheers Blakey. You might have to bring your own frites. You’re also allowed to french it up with discussion of 650B

I might just bring a big old serve of chips over from Tibas instead.

I’ll do my best to Belge it up and talk about flahutes and Trappist beer instead.

My NIB stocks are pretty low right now, only an Ultegra headset. I do have a little NOS item though.

hmm, 3.5 hour ride from my home, but I’ll come anyway.
someone remind me about this the day beforehand. Or tell my girlfriend, and get her to remind me.

I have a couple of hours of Cx viewing lined up for this…
a lot of footage from this year’s world CX champs and some awesomely muddy World Cup footage from Roubaix and Hoogerheide plus this
“A bunch of skinny dorks riding road bikes in the dirt”

Bring a chair and a blanket!

Make sure y’all don’t blow your money too early. I won’t be showing up until just after 6pm and will be selling lots of “mad shit”.

Mention to receive a 0% discount. Thats right, 0% off, just for mentioning

should perhaps be a 10% tax. especially if you mention each other’s usernames.

Rumour has it that there will be FRITES!

Cooked on site, crispy and hot to warm you up while you pick over bicycle parts and watch skinny dorks riding road bikes in the dirt.

They’re called “hot chips” in 'Straya, mate.

If there is mayonaisse, i’m there.

See you there then.

(Rumour is no longer a rumour. Deep fryer is confirmed.)

Note: Mayonnaise with less than 30% fat isn’t ‘mayonnaise frites’

Since this is Oz I’m bringing the BBQ sauce :stuck_out_tongue:

Fat reduced mayonaisse should be kept in a different section of the supermarket. Actually it shouldn’t even be allowed to be produced.

you guys are crazy. praise 99% fat free mayonaisse is not only awesome, but also vegan.

You guys are crazy, you spell mayonnaise as such.

true, yes I spell it wrong. I am a maverick like that. Brendan, I take it you don’t fancy this on your frites?