Bicycle confiscated riding to school

How fucked up are some places. This was in an email from a newsletter I receive.

Bicycle Confiscated From Student For Riding To School!
Would you believe that after a mother and her 12 year old son rode their bikes to school, they were confronted by school security and administrators who said that children are not allowed to ride bikes to school per school policy??? Believe it or not, at this Saratoga “no biking to school allowed” school in New York, there is a policy that this well meaning mother and son were unaware of making it against school rules to bike to school! What a sad society we are facing if this is the coming trend. Denying a child the enjoyment of bicycling and staying healthy by riding to school should be the real crime! Not to mention, the hurt this puts on the economy when it comes to retail bicycle shops. Locally, we found that Arlington School in Torrance has a policy allowing only 3rd graders and up to ride bicycles to school. Their policy goes on to state that they discourage bicycle riding to school! No wonder our neighborhoods are clogged with cars droppng students off! This is a dangerous trend against bicycling, hurting our community. What can we do about it? Well we recommend you check with your school district policies and procedures and take action if yuo find any anti-bicycling language.

No wonder America is fucking fat.


That’s the US… I’m sure the school are probably trying to avoid the lawsuit when little Pheonix or Chastity fall off their bikes and break their arms

I remember when I was at school I wasnt allowed to ride (8km on plenty ride)

Maybe if my old man tagged along it would have been fine.

I dont think Australia differs that much.

True…sad but true…
At the primary school in my suburb you can only ride to school in grade 6 (mayb it was 5?) after you had done stupid bike ed :expressionless:

Riding to school was the best.
We would all meet at the Cuffs house and play sega before racing to school by 8am to read the newspapers or go to the bmx track.
Even digging jumps before school was pretty normal.