Bicycle Courier - Automotive Parts; Melbourne Central & Surrounds


Figured I’d ask here, hopefully can gain some insight into it all. First off, let me say I know nothing about being a courier, or the workings of the inner city in rush hour or during the day. I just sell the parts.

Basically work for an auto parts store, operating out of Richmond for our inner suburbs/city customers. (see map)

(The borders aren’t that clear cut, but you get the jist)

Operating on a 4 run basis, 9am, 11am, 1:15pm and the final run is 3pm. Currently have 2 delivery drivers in cars who split the delivery area in the most efficient/effective manner possible to be back in time before the next delivery leaves (essentially a 2 hour window to deliver all parts and make it back to the warehouse).

This is working at this point in time (e.g. customers not whinging about late deliveries), but we’re constantly coming unstuck when a customer needs an urgent delivery in between the usual run times, or late in the afternoon where a mistake is made and needs to be fixed quickly.

One of the suggested methods to grow business and alleviate this issue was with a better delivery service, I suggested a bicycle due to the traffic being awful in that area.

Very briefly looked into cargone as an “as needed” solution, however I don’t think the powers to be would accept their charges (we currently charge customers a maximum subsidised fee of $9.95+ GST for a delivery within the area, sometimes less, sometimes free. This doesn’t dictate what the delivery person is paid however)

So to the good members of FOA, is this feasible or even possible? Would a cargo bike be needed? How do they go in traffic etc? Is this even something messengers/couriers would be interested in doing? Is the area outlined above manageable for a 2 hour window on a bicycle?

Many of the packages being delivered would be quite small (an oil filter and a windscreen washer pump for example), however they can get quite bulky and heavy. (4 brake discs for a BMW X5 for example)

We deal with everything from brake discs, shock absorbers, filters, 20L of brake fluid and so on. I believe the heaviest item is 20 kilos, although some are just large and cumbersome (read: probably a pain in the arse to ride with)

Discuss, assist, halp plz. Sorry for all the writing.

get in touch with momentum messengers, their website shows how much they can deliver at one time and they’re new so they might appreciate the business, plus its run by two of FOA’s finest members

Yup. Them or Cargone.

It’s definitely doable on a bike.

beaten by k o but momentum are your guys

Thanks guys!

I’m one of the owner/operators of Momentum.
This is definitely something we’d be interested in working with you on.
Shoot me an email at and we can talk specifics.

Cheers Lewis.

Nice one

Sweet, thanks for the info folks.

I’ll pass on your details Lewis to the decision makers of the business (I’m just doing a bit of the leg work) and hopefully something can come of it.

Awesome, thanks dude.

Great website !!