Bicycle Film Festival

Anyone going to this?

or doing film / photography for it? Keen to see the program

yep i’ll be there, i’ll be parking bikes out the front for a bit and also have a few friends with stuff in the show

Ah that sucks. I am heading down to Melbourne on the 7th - 10th of November. I will be just missing it.

Last years bike art show was better.

fixed that for you.

flying over from Perth :slight_smile:

whadaya know about art ya mug

i knows what i likes!

yep +1, only interesting thing was the video (i think?) of the dudes riding around with all their belongings on their bicycle and trailer thing, or something along those lines.
oh and the framed tabs of hoffman acid

arrive on the 8th will be there for this

prawza what date you flying over?

hit me up when you get there would be cool to go for a ride with some one from perth

looking forward to this

what was last years show like, who was in it?

I think I get there on the 24th, but I’m going down to Torquay for a few days then coming back up on the 26th or 27th to play some polo, then back to perf on the 1st.

actual film festival is from thurs 26th to sunday 29th.
the 29th being the street party where i’m pretty sure the polo tournament is