bicycle_outlet on ebay

Just a heads up cause Vs and B43s are cheap at the moment but these guys gouge the inside of their rims with an electric drill or something. Bought B43s for $240USD and the drill didn’t seem to do any actual damage but my girlfriend got some deep vs and the walls on them must be easier to hit because there are slight lumps in the rim wall (obv. not on the breaking surface) from clear gouge marks on the inside of the rim. Waiting to see if they’re good enough to give some kind of compensation.

what company did u buy them from? was it wheelandsprocket?

yeah what company is it, because ive noticed a few companies who are offering free postage to aus, which seems a bit sus, seeing as they are offering a set for the same price as a single rim here…

they could be factory reject rims?

yeah maybe, but thats a bit dodgy if they arent making you aware of that. i think i will just buy one locally so if i have a problem i can just take it back. Overseas, unless you know they are a respectable company, you may find yourself a few hundred $$ out of pocket with a bung rim

i just got a set of b43’s for 321 shipped cant wait to get on them :slight_smile:

:expressionless: not likely

Do you have any photos? Velocity aren’t renowned for AAA+++ finish, and wtf is the seller doing with a drill?

Drills and wheelsets really aren’t a good mix… Perhaps if they were trying to make a good seat for the nipples, you MIGHT use a 45 degree countersinking tool, but it’s pretty irrelevant with the quality of rims these days.

Who’s offering free shipping?

This thread is spooky

Yeah i had a quick look on my ebay and i forgot who it was but i remember telling a friend that some seller from the states was offering free postage to australia for either a set of b43’s or v’s not sure which one

Bicycle_outlet is the store I bought from. Definitely damaged in the wheel build. If you look inside the spoke hole you can see gouges in the inner side of the rim that are concurrent with the level of nipple screw wear (i.e. where a nipple has been roughly screwed in, there is some scratching on the wall).
I doubt they are factory second. I’m not sure how I’d tell that anyway.
A factory second should have a stamp on it or something to stop fraudulent sale.
Bicycle_outlet do have a negative feedback saying that one customer got a factory second of something.

I can get pics but can’t be bothered. They were e-mailed and replied asking for multiple pictures to be sent to a non-working e-mail but those pictures are on another computer.

In short, Buy your wheels for half the price; buy twice.
Although as I said the B43s managed to survive their wheel building with just a tiny scratch on the inside wall and they were only $240USD. Pretty good anyway.

i purchased some that had 32 small gougues and one larger one. i thought “fuck it, i couldn’t be arsed returning these” and just put spokes in the smaller ones and the valve in the larger one.

your pwnage rate just went up to 92%

yeh fair call…i may rethink my purchase now

Should be noted that wheelandspoke aren’t necessarily bad (who’s had xp?). Don’t give up hope on the irony that is importing australian rims from the states.

these guys do pretty cheap deep v rims and the postage isn’t horrendous