Bicycle swap meat

It’s on again…

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When: SUNDAY April 3
9am for sellers / 10-12pm for tyre kickers and buyers
Where: Coffee Supreme / 24-28 Grosvenor St, Abbotsford.
Cost: $5 to sell / Free to haggle and buy.
First come, first served for stall spaces.

what sort of meat should i bring?

is there a vegetarian option or is it meat only?

Chicken in any shape or form. I’ll be there again as usual, it’s just too good to miss.

on a serious note, i’ll be there if i’m in town, which is still to be decided…

Whoops. Will be in Birsbane that weekend! :frowning:

definitely going to try and make it.

Well good on you, whoever you are.

I hope to see you there, maybe i’ll just walk around asking if anyone has seen untitled.

^^^he’ll be the guy with a shell on his back

jimmy! on fire your are today

We should see more flames on this forum, it’s gone soft.

mmmm yoda

I will be having a stall at this swap meet, please bring at least $2000 with you, my credit card needs your help…

“Featuring … vegetarian friendly baked treats.”

soooo yea

soooooooo yea, I was more takin the piss outta the spelling of meat/meet…

also,I won’t be there as I’ll be in Canberra seeing the lady. missing out on coffee’s quality wares saddens me somewhat, dude only has the good stuff!!

Im interested in having a gander at some gear, never know what might pop up. Might even ride if my bike is going :smiley:

Ohh ok gotcha, I just thought since the joke was already made by fyxo it would be kinda weird to make it again…

then again maybe you thought THE POOSE fucked up the spelling and were taking the piss out of him but didnt realise the name of the event…

bingo! when I actually clicked on the link I was all “ohhh maaaann”

^ Great. Now what am I going to do with this tray of sausages…

^sell them to fund buying stuff from me…