Bicycle swap meat

I’ll be selling here too, looking forward to it.

I’mma try and cycle up their tomorrow. Still looking for a few new parts to replace some on mine so should be good.

I’ll be there representing the the 700cmx community! hehe

i had such a good time at this. i hope someone snapped up that amazing pink viner. i have pangs of regret.

I picked up a pair of Super Record levers for $10 so im pretty happy.

I got a bargain on a Daccordi road frame. Stoked!

Erle got me a bargain on some Simplex retrofriction shifters (and a tofu bánh mì!) Then I also bought some 600 DT clampons & Suntour power ratchet clampons.

Oh, and 500g of Coffee Supreme COE.

i got a bidon cage in exchange for an ironing board cover

i got an aerospoke and hplusson eero in exchange for a bianchi pista

such a good deal. i saw it happen i was one of the kids talking to dylan.

i got cinelli cycling cap

haha, i was the guy who told you i was sorry when we saw you carrying them up victoria st. glad you appreciated the lol.

Is Dylan the Charlie Sheen of Fixed?

Dylan has finally got rid of the spok? Say it aint so…

bro. saw you walking down the street with them…
did you swap for the chrome bianchi frame down the towards the back?
actually had my eye on that…

i was the guy in the capag cap walking my bike with two total babes down victoria st.
to be honest, when you sat the wheels down outside the pub, i wanted to steal them.
youre lucky i was with my wife… shes my concience!

scored some cheap cinelli drop bars and a sweet cinelli cap too…

good times…

scored some socks…happy to have controlled myself, scored some old sidi ergons and some road pedals all up for $30 for a friend.

Tried to make it but figured I was late and rode down to south bank instead. I slept in, god dammit. Sounded great and all though.

i am so jealous of you all and at the same time, so glad i don’t live in melbourne.

swap meets would be the end of me.

haha, loving all the love/hate incurred by the hipsterrific bianchi pista/aerospoke combo

Lots of interesting things that made you think ‘This is kinda cool, but do I need this?’
Coolest bike there IMO was the Scapin Columbus Spirit MTB- hot!
Ended up picking up some Dura Ace crank arms that I have absolutely no use for, but hey that’s what swap meets are for eh!

Obviously you need to build a bike to put them on…