Bicycle swap meet.

August 13. 9-12pm

Coffee Supreme HQ at 28 Grosvenor St, Abbotsford.



I dunno, its a bit of a mission from my house but I’ll try to make it :wink:

so who scored what awesome bargains? was plenty of nice nice on offer.

Only bargains for me where 2 awesome sausages in bread.

Wasn’t so good today.

Reedin instructions, yer doin it rong

Erle got all the bargains.

All of them.

I got good hangouts.

I didn’t buy anything, but I heard from the coffee supreme guys that some low asshole stole a little spinning fan from the back of one of their kids bikes, and something else was stolen last time too… So as a result they are getting turned off the idea of holding them there anymore…

Mmmm. This is shit. Early on like 8.15 I was getting pretty pissed off with the fuckturds basically picking any and all of my stuff just as I was placing it down “how much for this” then tossing it down when I said fuck I don’t know come back
at 9, bar the nice people that came up and said hi after, I wouldn’t be selling again.

I’m sorta bummed I couldn’t make it, but since you guys are saying it was shit, maybe not?
People stealing shit though? Not cool! Shun those people’s from the fixie world.

hmmm. maybe back to a 10-12 selling, 9-10am setup. I share the sentiment, folks were pilfering though before I had a chance to setup.

i dont like to make ‘rules’, but sounds like it may help in future

hats off to the guys who came from wagga.

I shared a stall with erle and sold more to him than anybody else, thanks to Andy and coffee supreme for hosting it again. Sorry to here we had some tea leafs what kind of fucktard steels stuff off a kids bike.

Hey peoples, Im looking for the person who was selling the Chopper frames at the meet.

He had a mate with him who had some Cinelli quill stem/bar combo for about $80.

If anyone knows who he is - or even better if they are on here - hit me up! I want them!


I sold a few more parts this time and bought a skin suit, jersey and some gloves for $65! and some new Nitto drops for the missus Colnago.
Left with more money than I came with so I’m happy.

i only mad 10 bucks :frowning: and my mate made a shit load.
although did get a new knog bag so everything was good.

I did pretty well out of the day. Best score was probably the sushi bars and Ritchey stem for $2. I replenished my stocks of handlebars and stems, and picked up some nice cheap crank sets too.

I sold my potato.
and got some decent photos.
JKLPS pursuit in particular.

i turned up looking for one thing, bought 4 other things instead. :wink:
got good hangouts and laughs with people.

lots of neat stuff to look at… for all walks of bike life.

+1 on keeping the early birds at bay, its price of success andy!

  • infinity on thieves. there was a lot of stuff that could have ‘walked off’ when sellers were distracted, and these swap meets rely on a level of honesty.

oh and gene - your skinsuit is as limited edition anymore. josiah had a box of them and malaysian team kits for sale.

‘the abbotsford club’ does a great coffee!

I had a good time- great to catch up with everyone.

Only bought one thing- a $15.00 scratched up XTR rear derailluer which I think is pretty good. Still need a rear wheel.

Lots and lots of Shimano 600 stuff for cheap. Kind of regretting not buying the $20.00 Shimano 600 cranks with anodised chainring bolts- anyone here?

You should have said G’day, would have been nice to meet the mighty H. I would had given you a set of 600 cranks,“that have seen some good times”

… or maybe a Short Mac.