Bicycle swap meet

Long overdue.

BYO Megaphone.

World Famous


Does this mean the Gonz will be in making an appearance?

will be loooong overdue by then…

  1. Whoops.

The Lord will be in attendance.

Bargains galore. MBC have a huge stash of bikes that will be going redonkulously cheap on the day also. Perfect pub bike.

Might even make the trip East for this…

Sounds rad, I’ll have to check it out.

I’ll be there. I have a whole swag of gear to get rid.

nice… look forward to this

Wicked, although we have nothing to sell… apart from 20 pairs of wheel, a kona dullie frame, an Epic and a tricross…

bring on the mtb stuff id say Jear

Overslept and missed the BRisbane bike swap the other week, im down in Melbourne when this is on so might swing by

Well Leitchy you’ll be please to know I’ll be bringing along a Specialized Epic (complete), Specialized Tricross (SS, in parts or complete) and possibly a Record equipped Cannondale Cross bike.

My experience tells me that it’s doubtful anyone is going to rock up with the cash to buy one of these but at least they’ll be able to see them with their hands

This coincides well with my next build. Need new cheap parts (BB,Headset,Seatpost,Stem,Bars).

You gotta say hi to me issac!

ah fuck, can’t make this one, gotta go back to the country side this weekend.

steez might come have a look!

will be there! hopefully the things i need will also be there

Plugged it on Rotorburn too Fyxo.
Melbourne Swap Meet - Saturday 3 December

Just a note: I’m looking to sell out in less than an hour. I don’t want this stuff so prices should be pretty good.

Track/Road/MTB chainrings, couple of cogs, wool jersey, random other parts - most $10 or less.

If you are a FOA member mention it and I’ll cut you an even better deal (especially if they have pastries/food as thats always a great trade).