Bicycle Victoria - Anyone a member? Benefits?


So I got hit by a car a month back and I have a distinct feeling that the guy who did it is gonna get a way with it (he was in the wrong but is claiming not to be, it’s still with his insurer, AAMI, who i hear are the worst co to deal with).
Anyway, my frame was destroyed and medical bills for physio etc are quickly heading beyond $500, and i fear i’m not gonna get any money out of his insurance company.

So Bicycle Victoria membership gets you free access to legal advice/lawyers specialising in road/bike/car laws.
Is anyone here a member of BV and if so have you used the legal services BV can access?
And is it successful?

Cos i’m considering membership for this specific purpose (even though i wholeheartedly disagree with a bunch of shit BV does/says).

(Yes, i did DAFSFFS, there is nothing relevant in the last BV thread there was)

Some stuff here.

you do have a tac claim and police report right? i’m not sure, but i think the BV lawyer collab might be with one of those no-win-no-pay companies anyway. the insurance company won’t cover your personal injuries, that’s covered by tac as far as i know, they have a $570~ excess, anything else wouldhave to be a claim against the driver in court. As to getting your bike money, i waited a month for a cheque after the assessment, then called them up and chased departments until i got someone to clear the payment.

I doubt it will help by joining them. And besides, the incident has already occurred. You’re probably better off going to (Legal Aid) a Community Legal Service for a hand in drafting a letter to send to the prick.

Check the If You Get Hit thread.

FWIW, if you want to spend money on anything, get an Ambulance subscription.

haha, yeah, got an ambulance subscription after the first decent crash i had a couple years ago