bought this a couple weeks give me your opinions on what you think and waht you think i should do in the future :slight_smile:

all the photo are pretty bad sorry:p ( iphone camera )

i think you should sell the frame to me

haha is that what you think hey…

you can keep the wheels and cranks

haha no thanks, but iam keen to see how much u would pay for it…

keen to know what you would ask for it

got it for 900

guess that’s an okay price, you should get rid of those wheels though. they look terrible on it. get some open pros or something

im getting rid of the white one just trying to keep it plain with another deep v on the rear

i <3 tripples

the first thing you should do in the future is get a chain and some pedals

Ride the shit out of that thing.

and tape! what do you hipsters have against bartape!!!
plugs too while you’re at it.

The chrome makes the bike looks kinda vintage. But seriously it’s so not comfortable riding without bartape. So yeah get a bartape!

it’s plural dude… “So yeah get a bartapes!”

jesus those drops are low.

I’d be getting some campag pista wheels, a nice KMC chain, some black track grips, and then ride off into the sunset.

take the velocity stickers off the rims too many logos but beautiful bike

I can hear it begging for a skinny saddle, box wall rims, skinwall tyres, and possibly some low bullhorns.

So who is Rod Martin and was he the builder of this thing of beauty?

agreed. change that saddle and wheels.