I just wanted to get some thoughts on the enigma as to why boutique coffee and custom/retro/track bicycles seem to so often be seen together?
I recently travelled from Wellington over to Melbourne and Sydney and at many cafes, BBB, seven seeds, proud mary and Mecca (Syd) there would always be many a gorgeous bicycles outside the caf. Its the same here in Wellington too.
Either caffeine fuelled messengers spread the word about the best cafes in town or its a result of the demographic that interact in both fields.
But nontheless, I can’t work out why?

dunno. at a guess, I’d say those places have decent vego or vegan options or are stocking black market bonsoy.

also the staff are all filthy hipsters who lock up out front

Or they lock up bikes out the front to attract more coffee drinking hipsters?

We’re all shallow and terribly trendy?

yeah too right, perhaps the staff are to blame

i think this phenomena also applies to other exotics, ie Ferrari’s outside of coffeeshops, Ducatis outside of coffee shops etc…

Ah, I don’t think so. I’m not referring to just an old caf that serves espresso. I’m talking about the few cafes that are pushing the boundaries of the industry. For example seven seeds has an entire wall to hang your bike upon entry. And Italians are no longer synonomous with good coffee

Cycling is tiring work?

If boutique coffee = hipsters, then cheap coffee = roadies :smiley: Go see all the $4K roadies out the front of the dime-a-dozen coffee shops on sunday.

Maybe they’re the Next Big Thing being bought to our attention?

You are all posers sittin around at wanky Cafes when you should be ridin.
I wait until I get home to make a doppio Ristretto my way.

Do you think it is just boutique bikes and coffee? I’ve seen beaters outside BBB and Seven Seeds and some to die for rides down at the Southbank food court. Cycling and coffee have always gone hand in hand, just like to trying to have the best bike/components, why not have the best coffee? I think it is just that some new cafes have exploited this fact by displaying bikes. (Because we are dumb and need a signpost…)

Check the coffee thread, the discussion/debate about coffee machines resembles that of bikes. I even campaigned for a ‘post your machine’ thread, but it never eventuated…

Say it with me: café

Thank god you didn’t say expresso. :stuck_out_tongue:

Aren’t they still synonymous with espresso machines?

No, not really. Good ones anyway. Most of the machines you’ll see running at the shops I’ve reffered to are made in the US.
But aside from picking the eyes out of the slang I’ve employed, and searching long and hard for that accent key. Thanks for the responses.

My espresso machine is worth more than my bikes. There i said it!

Plus, last time i checked plenty of cafes ran marzocco machines. Aren’t they italian? And what about mazzer grinders etc.

I didn’t intend to lure this thread into one about coffee equip. Although, Yep, Mazzer are indeed Italian although, whilst La Marzocco is also Italian, Americans made it such a formidable brand.

Stating the obvious, but without the Italians there would be no espresso, and there would be no Campagnolo and numerous other leading cycling manafacturers.

The answer to your question is simple, the people with nice bikes drinking nice coffee: have good taste.