Bidding now open for AHBPC 2012

With the newly formed Australia Hardcourt Bike Polo Association (official name TBA) now functioning, polo in Australia & New Zealand is one step closer to be legitimised in the wider community as an official sport. While this will not affect the casual pick-up and weekly social games, it will help to create a communication bridge between clubs as well as maintaining a consistent rule-set and assisting in major tournaments.

One of the first tasks the AHBPA is determining the location of next year’s Australasian Championships. A call is being put out for all clubs wishing to host the flagship tournament to submit a proposal by the 31st July. The “jedi council” will discuss each bid with their respective clubs and vote by the 15th of August.

While the criteria included in each proposal is determined by the club, it should contain all the relevant information to determine the tournaments success. Such information may include the following;

• Your vision for the tournament
• Description of courts
• Possible back up courts
• Legal or council requirements/interaction
• Proposed date of tournament
• Anticipated cost of registration
• How many regular polo players in your city
• Accommodation/Housing options
• Food and drink
• Any additional info

If you wish to submit a proposal or get involved in your cities bid, get in contact with your club rep or send an email to “”

More information on how to submit a bid will be posted up before the deadline. Good luck!

Non-offical GC…

• Your vision for the tournament- Ruckus
• Description of courts- bloody good
• Possible back up courts- more goodness
• Legal or council requirements/interaction- They’re tops
• Proposed date of tournament- When it’s the perfect temp
• Anticipated cost of registration-Gissa 5a
• How many regular polo players in your city- It’s the quality that counts
• Accommodation/Housing options- Pimp’n GC mansions
• Food and drink- Whatever takes your fancy
• Any additional info- It’s the GC, Bring your Unit T and fake tan

bring the RUCKUS…

i heart gc sluts

It’s not too late for pistols in alice springs…

less paperwork.


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