Bidding War for Cinelli Bars!

Its not even a badged cinelli stem either.

They’re in pretty good nic and still have the original bolts which were easy to damage. Holding on to mine for a rainy day. :smiley:

so nice though! i love those old bars that have no flat section, just curvaceous goodness the whole way round. nothing on the market today compares.

I wish mine weren’t covered in crud:

I’ve since taped over it - but the polished ones do look lovely.

for that money, they had better be going on something VERY special…

Well they are certainly nicer than these ones - nicer curve, better condition - and these are also getting expensive:

Definately worth getting my old ones recromed!.

Shit, I got mine for $170au, NOS stem and re chromed bars. The logos were lost in the re chroming though.

wow didnt think to ever pay that much for a set of bars and stem :? :? crazy shit!

:-o That’s mental.

Look very pretty, still so expensive.

Holy shitballs. HOW do you part with that much for bars???

Wait they would look pretty cool chopped and flipped… that must be what old mate has in mind

Not really. They’re not making them anymore and demand for them is HOTTT !!! Whilst it’s quite the high mark it’s a sign that these items in very good condition which haven’t been rechromed will command a small fortune. And rightly so … they are top notch bike porn.

Reminds me of what an old car collector once told me … you can never pay too much, just too early.

If you think that’s pricey wait another 6-12 months and try buying a perfect set. In the next 6 weeks or so there will be a glut of Cinelli steel bars and stems when people see this price. That will drop the market a little and then as that dries up it’ll slowly creep again.

The problem now will be a bunch of crap chromed bars/stems will be offered as people try to cash in … so be careful what you buy. I’m always amazed at how high bidding gets when people barely offer any half decent pics and hardly any info as to the actual condition of them items. I think sellers really need to pick their game up to justify the prices.

p.s. I think badged stems are teh gey :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry, but USD $650.00 is waaaaay too much for this item. Even I had a 39cm old-school Cinelli handlebar on my first track bike- think I sold them for like, $50.00.
Now engraved C-Record Delta brakes I can understand, but this, meh.

lol $650 us, theres a sucker born every minute. god bless ebay!

cant wait to see the pics on various forums after the idiot who bought these crashes them :slight_smile:

Ok … lets play :evil:

I’ll pay $500 aud for a set of the same bars with a track stem (slightly steeper and in 10cm length please) in exactly the same condition - original with near perfect chrome, clear stampings on both the bars and stem and near perfect original hardware bolts.

Cash (coz I’m a wog) :smiley:

Show me what you got !!! Same standard (or better) … money is ready. I’ll save you the ebay fee’s :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

… and hubba-hubba :-o have you seen the seller’s Cinelli

Notwithstanding the $14k (impossible) price it’s perhaps the most drool worthy bike I’ve seen in quite some time

being a wog you shoudl know that with a bit of patience you will probably find all that for substantially less, plus you probably have a cousin who has a chroming business ‘cash only’ :smiley:

now now only stirring

you’re allowed to stir :stuck_out_tongue:

I have had 3 sets of these bars rechromed and none have been perfect at both reproducing the lustre and also showing all the stamped logo detail. And the level of detail and polishing needed gets quite tricky especially on something as swoopy/curvy as them bars. That makes it quite costly.

The problem isn’t finding steel cinelli bars and stems for cheap but finding original near perfect specimens. My point is that I’m not surprised the ebay auction went to such heights. I don’t believe the winner and other bidders were suckers but they knew exactly what rarity was on offer.

I follow these things with great interest. Something is only original once and I’m not at all surprised at the auction price.

My offer still stands :wink:

H - you are wrong.

You could buy a complete fixed gear bicycle these days for less than, and I’d still take the bars.

Watch cambio corsa or paris roubaix derailleurs on ebay. or royce pedals…

C-Record is 80/90s. Not that old in reality. These bars are twice as old so to find them in that condition is just about unheard of - and there’s one less set available :wink:

I gave a pair of these bars to someone who knew more than me back in the day for a pair of alloy bars. Also swapped 20 x 144BCD chainrings for ONE 151 to the same person because he gave me the impression they were no longer available.

I even sold a pair in 2006 to a sydney courier who moaned about paying $50 for them.

Money can buy happiness - this is just an example. Sometimes paying more makes it that much more special.

Im sure it’ll be going on a showroom level bike like GTS753s flickr.



What spirito said +10.


‘good bikes aren’t cheap - cheap bikes arent good.’

Wow… I’m just going to the bathroom for a sec guys, be back soon :oops:

I know I’m wrong in the sense that the bidders knew perfectly well what they were bidding on. But still, where is the LOGIC?! :mrgreen:

So what’s the next big thing Andy- any other vintage components out their worth ‘investing’ in? I love the idea that the next hard-rubbish could be a goldmine for Cinelli vintage parts! :slight_smile: