Big air on the bayside trail

City of bayside pulls another boner with the re-revamped bayside trail. BIG buckles in the pavement that weren’t there this morning. I guess the budget didn’t run to expansion joints in the path… :roll:

First one jolted me out of the heat haze induced daze - actually got air on the commuter pig…damn near bogged me breeks!!! :-o

I am too old for air time on a fixie. :x

Well, if you’d have been watching where you were going instead of perving on teenagers in bikinis, you’d have seen the bump eh? :wink:

Yes… expansion joints… I may work at Bayside… I’m constantly amazed how lax all the engineers are with their expansion joint spacing…

ummmm, errrrrrr

'twas a yummy mummy, if I recall correctly* :oops:

*a bit more my demographic

I would have thought Dame Elizabeth Murdoch was closer to your demographic