Big Crash SYD

Cyclists injured in vehicular accident in Mascot, Sydney |

Hope this didn’t involve anyone on here?

I know a few guys who ride down that way. Fingers crossed everyone’s okay, and the injured aren’t too badly hurt.

Fucken hell, not looking good. Pics here: Cyclists injured after collision with car
Looks like the bunch got ploughed by a fucken SUV. ₪₪₪₪.

Not good, I saw a rider hit by a 4wd pretty bad yesterday. The comments on 9 news are enough to make your blood boil. Hope everyone isn’t badly injured and walks away ok.

SUV driver and in his early 20’s. Its like every typical bad-driver rolled into one.

Hope everyone who was out riding this morning is safe after hearing about the accident at Mascot. Will be interesting to hear what actually happened.

Apparently it was the East Sydney cycle club bunch based off John Sunde’s tweet.

How god damn stupid, reckless and dangerous do you have to be to hit a cyclist so hard it punches the crank section of their bike out of the frame and destroys the front if you car. Absolute disgrace. Shameful that this person is considered part of the human race. There needs to be charges laid. No more the “accidents happen” or “SMIDSY”. If the is driver had caused te same injuries with his fists or weapons or in Kings Cross there would be overnight reforms. Why not for cyclists? I sincerely hope all impacted by this are alright. I desperately hope there are no serious/long term injuries.

Agreed Luke. The authorities need to start dealing with these fuckers in the manner they deserve. People need to realised that a car is a lethal weapon and every trip behind the wheel has the potential to kill and injure. Hoping for some serious recriminations for this driver, but I’m not gonna hold my breath: NSW is notorious for ruling in favour of cars.

This makes my blood boil. Even if the kid did kill one or all of them, the most he’d get a careless driving charge, fines, loss of license and maybe jail. There is something so wrong with this, and our laws.

The fuck is wrong with people commenting on this with celebratory comments? You bet if I knocked your dad off his kayak with my boat there’d be hell to pay. C*nts.

Anybody celebrating this should be sterilised. As a minimum.

Comments shouldn’t be allowed on stories like this. It’s not something that needs to be commented on.

Except on forums

Well yeah. I meant on newspaper sites where the average IQ is a lot lower.

This is seriously fucked! Different story but only a couple of days ago, the car intentionally rams him…

^ yeah that Brisbane one is just ridiculous. Thats pure recklessness and endangerment of life.

Some “good news” this morning on this: Driver charged over crash with cycling group on Southern Cross Drive

Yeh, read that this morning. Pretty good outcome I reckon. If this guy doesn’t lose his licence for a long time there’s something really wrong with the justice system.

Wasn’t even in court …

He will have to be for sentencing. I just hope all those injured recover and are compensated for the injuries, loss of income, legal expenses and damaged bikes. I know insurance will cover most all of this (one would hope) but a civil claim for damages against him would be a good thing to remind him and other drivers about the implications of their carelessness. I suggest the latter because we all know the driver won’t do any jail time. (hit someone with a hammer & it’s assault or murder, him them with a car and it’s an accident).