Big Dollars NJS

NJS Fixed Gear Bike | eBay

Great Pic?

great pic, great part list, great seller feedback score

looks like he took the photo from the same place that he stole it from.

Saw this yesterday. Clearly has no idea what he has if he wants that much for it.

NJS horns

im gonna make an offer of 50 bucks

would have beat my $1 then, but i didn’t want to pay $150 shipping.

dear god. is this a joke listing?

Just asked a question:
“Hey bro, got any more details on the bike>? What size is it? What’s the brand? What’s the tubing? Any more photos? Close-ups? Parts list? Builder? Year? Anything?
Cheers ey bro.”

See if I get a response.

I just asked for the frame manufacturer and serial number. Is anyone missing an njs track bike with Italy wheels?

mmmm italy

some one should write to them saying they recognize their own stolen bike anywhere and they have the details/serial numbers etc to prove its theirs and the police have been contacted. see what they say to that

Guy seems legit, probably just doesn’t know how to use ebay. Response to my question for further and better particulars:

hey man i cant really send pictures right now but i will send it to you later tuesday if you really interest but its NJS kiyo matte black size 54.5 year are unknow cause i got it from the NJS Export web site and its got Dura Ace Headset, Dura Ace bottom bracket, Dura Ace crank, Dura Ace chainring, Dura Ace Cog, Nitto bullhorn bar, Nitto seat post, suntour Hubs with campagnola wheels, MKS peddles with toshi double straps,NJS super tough chain. and i got this bike for 6 months now, good condition and love it but im moving back to thailand so had to lets it go

This is most likely legit. Heaps of Thai’s in Sydney with super nice bikes and not half a clue, so his story certainly checks out!

But the internet police have already made judgement that it is stolen and that is final.

what a witch hunt, it’s one of the thai dudes bikes.

Good to know it’s not stolen but still, $3.5k - taking the p!ss. Doesn’t even have njs bars. At least the owner doesn’t need to be sad about letting it go because at that price it’s going nowhere.

when the description and photo are that pathetic and the asking price is that high, suspicion is definitely warranted. i mean if he knew all the information he wrote in the response to diddy but couldnt be assed putting it in the description hes asking for it

Let him know that he’s not living up to your quite reasonable eBy listing standards and i’m sure he’ll corect his indescretion… Do you run a course i could take??

oh gee im sorry skippy youre right. 1 sentence, a shitty night time phone pic and a $3500 price tag with 0 feedback is definitely fine. stupid me to question it, I should have known there was a gallant internet hero around to defend this poor helpless victim. kudos to you my friend

Thanks. It feels good to be this good.