Big-headed bros: helmet help?

Hey there,
I need a new helmet. I have a very big head. Current helmet is a Lazer Helium which I really dig, but just wondering if anyone else out there with a huge head has any recommendations.
My head is pretty much 62cm, which is a cm bigger than most brands go. eg Giro only just fits with thin pads and the adjustment right out, but is uncomfortable.

So, suggestions? I may just end up with another helium…

i find the lazers are pretty good for a big head, im about 61 cm. but every so often i find the straps rub me the wrong way.

Just discovered the Kask k50: second tier, but lighter than their top line Vertigo. Meant to be a true 62cm…

I have a 61 cm head and current helmet is a Lazer Sphere. My second one, and the one i had before fitted larger. I sanded a couple mm off the front. Fits ok now.

Have a specialized prevail as well, fit is more comfortable (bigger), its super light weight but it makes me look like Toad and the (lack of) adjustment doesnt really work for me. Kask helmet looks good for size, i like how the rear adjustment mechanism on those can pivot.

Was looking at the LAS Squalo earlier and noticed that the large sizing goes from 57-63cm. Looks wise is a bit strange but may be worth looking into

my scone’s a shade over 61cm, Lazer Genesis is comfortable on me with a bit to spare. Guess it depends not just the measurement but the shape.

I’ve got a 61/62 and use a S works s3. I find it doesnt mushroom too much like my old lazer did.

I have a huge head and had a giro but it didn’t fit well, Just got the Kask Mojito
It’s a bit to get used to but i love it, Just make sure if you try oe on that you pull the rear craddle all the way down below the back of your skull.

Seems like oval heads are suited to Giros and the like; if you have a rounder space hopper like me, get a Bell Volt.

Gotta huge head, kask the go

I’m leaning this way for sure.

Problem solved: Specialized S-works something-or-other go up to 63cm, and they’ve got some deal on certain helmets that if you bring in your tired old helmet you get $X off the price. So I did that. I now have a very large, very nice fitting S-works helmet to pick up tomorrow when I drop my old one in.