Big Hoffy road beater.

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Bought my Brian Rourke from this guy. Good to deal with.
Don’t know why he isn’t of the forum selling stuff.

eBay’s a bigger market and you don’t have to be friends with knobs :slight_smile:

fwiw … all my dealings with this seller has been tops too. I think the yellow Hoffy he has is well worth bringing back to life.

could this be him?

Yeah, that’s Scott. Some of you may have met him up at Noosa on the vintage ride held recently.

Creaky needs this!!!

Biking Brisbane has the Hoffy order book photographed, Google it. When this frame first appeared I looked it up, book notes it as “road training” and doesn’t list the tube type. It was also cheaper than the other higher quality frames ordered around it. Not saying its a bad frame, just look it up.

thought so, bought a couple of things off him and did indeed meet him on the noosa ride, good bloke, he did that ride fixed which was a big effort, on a hill friendly ratio he was spinning hard on some of the descents