Big Hopkins track, Sydney

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Didn’t go at $600/$675 BIN. Missed the relist, a day or two to go.

Jesus, looks like 60cm. Any KH frame verifiers out there?
If I pick this up happy to offload wheels and cranks for a Mars bar

only thing that looks off is the decal on the headtube, but the rest of it seems legit, any punter that refers to his brake as “being drilled to the fork” probly isnt smart enough to go out and get repro Kerry Hopkins decals made up

I hit the guy up about it first time round, he measured it up and got back to me straight away its a 57 top tube. It has been re-listed starting at $500 now, very nice looking frame though!!

Headtube decal is identical to mine.

So 57 TT and we think it’s legit? Proportions look wonky to me, very long HT not unless he’s running 650’s?
What features/prompts are you accounting for scottridesabike - genuine question as I’m hoping to add my 1st Aussie track bike to the stable of 7 italian/jap masterpieces

It’s back: Fixie Vintage Kerry Hopkins | eBay

Part of me wants to buy it.

is it your wang?

you should buy it, $400 is cheap for a complete bike, looks pretty nice and the paint is rad.

Even at my minor size, I couldnt fit my wang anywhere inside this bicycle.

Might sound kinky but bottom bracket shell :confused:

otherwise we’re calling you J. Holmes

TC: never tried. But would probably fit easy.

you know what i always say? it might be short, but it sure is skinny!

what have i done…


Thanks to a work emergency and shitty morning I missed this. Black does not begin to describe my mood.

Anyone here get it?

Kerry has made some corker frames.

Listing gone. Pics?

Anyone here get it? Bummed I missed this.