Big Ken

Continuing the theme of big(ish) bikes, 59.5cm Track Ken

oh crap too many bikes, not enough money! $800 seems a bit steep for this?

i’ve messaged the guy, please guys let me have this one, i’ve been waiting fro exactly this.,12874.0.html

I know the dude who is selling that… i don’t think he will let it go for much less than what he is asking… I might have a frame for you coming soon in the post (58cm Rossin Pista) it might be to small for me, so i may have to get rid of it…

it was on ebay for $500 a little while ago.

U mean the ken?

Yeah but he wasn’t happy that it went for that much… this is the same guy selling it who sold it that time.


Just spoke to the seller… you won’t be paying less than $800 for it :slight_smile:

He won’t be getting $800 for it unlesss its exactly what someone is after.

He bought it complete for $500nzd, so I reckin there’s room to move!!!
I guess that what the “make an offer” button is for huh?