Big Klein - Deal I reckon

Klein Quantum Road Bike Frame Black Cinelli Selle Italia Cinelli Eubios in Melbourne, VIC | eBay

Damn that is nice. Perfect candidate for a modern redux for the taller gent.

$260 inc some good parts. That’s good buying.

Cannondales from that era have more (hipster) cred , and are nicer IMO

^BS. Why did crack’n’fail do their dumbass dropouts? cos Klein sued em. Cannondales are just wannabe Kleins.

Lol, ^ I think both from that era are over rated and mythologised, but the 'dales just look nicer/earn more hipster cred points. Everyone knows caad5 onwards is where the cannondale ally pedigree began.

that’s so rad, i’d buy it if it were smaller.